Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How it all began...

So, I have always loved Justin Timberlake since NSYNC. What a cutie!! But the obsession really started with the release of his new album, "Future Sex Love Sounds" in September 2006 I believe it was... September 12th to be exact, pairing that with the concert here in Dallas on March 5, 2007 (one of the BEST nights of my life), IT WAS ALL OVER! I mean do I really remember the date his album was released??

Anyway... the night of the concert started off with my friend Gwedo and I arriving fashionably late as usual, Pink was the opening act (LOVE HER TOO) and she was already on stage. We RUSH to our seats, after we grab a tasty alcoholic beverage of course, only to discover that there is a couple already in our seats. Hmmmmm. So we're like, um your in our seats... and they are like no these are our seats. SO it's dark and loud, hard to see and they have REAL tickets... like printed up tickets you get from the ticket window. WE have a print off from the Internet... so I am like OH SHIT did we get screwed?? We had to get escorted to the West ticket office to get the situation resolved, we are on the EAST side. I am in freaking 4" heels, SERIOUSLY?? In the meantime we are completely missing PINK!! We get to the ticket counter and sure enough, ours are real and theirs are fake! Sucks for them (THANK GOD!!) We high tail it back to our seats to see Pink's LAST song, UGH.

Then, the memory that is permanently burned into my brain... I hear his voice and see his silhouette, "FUTURE SEX LOVE SOUNDS..." his sexy voice echoed over the American Airlines Center as the girls screamed with excitement. I think I pee'd myself!! I seriously had tears in my eyes I think... not REAL sure cause Gwedo was feeding me any alcoholic beverage he could shove down my throat... I think he was trying to get me drunk!! THE SINGLE HANDED BEST CONCERT I HAVE BEEN TO IN MY LIFE. I mean I can't even explain the feeling I felt watching my man parade around the stage bumpin and grindin on chicks I only DREAM I could be.

Where the night really got started was the Post Party... Bottle Service at Ghost with friends awaiting our arrival. I KNEW JT was gonna be there, I just KNEW it!!

To be continued....

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