Friday, April 10, 2009

Dead and Gone

Seriously, my Aunt's are trying to kill me. Very much like Justin Timberlake in his role in Alpha Dog...

So last night I go to my aunt Donna's house after she gets off work and she has 3 cats. They are so cute, BUT I am highly allergic, which I ALWAYS tend to forget. So her cutest and most friendly cat Gator comes up rubbing all on me, so I pet him. Then like 10 minutes later I rubbed my eye like a dumb ass. So first my left eye starts swelling, itching, closing... so my Aunt's like, do you want some benedryl? I said YES. She gives me this pill that doesn't look like any other benedryl I have ever seen and she says oh its some Walmart brand.

About an hour later we go pick up my other Aunt- Debbie to go eat. We went to this pretty good mexican resturant called La Bamba. I order a glass of Sangria, I had like TWO sips and I was LOOPY!! I felt like I had taken a hit of acid (well I imagine that is what it WOULD be like if I had EVER done acid- don't do drugs kids). It was ridiculous!! I am like what was that pill?? What did you give me?? Hmmm maybe I got the Oxycotton mixed up she says... SERIOUSLY? I couldn't function for the rest of the night, COMATOSE. Near death #1.

So today my Aunt Debbie gets off early and she's like I need to get my drink on, you want some of this fabulous rum margarita I make?? I'm like hell yeah I am on vacation! So about half way into this drink, which was quite tasty I may add, I start feeling loopy again. I PASS out. Smooth pass out into a deep sleep. Like the kind of sleep where you can't open your eyes no matter how hard you try. I just woke up!! What the hell was in that thing and what the hell are my Aunt's trying to do to me??? Near death #2.

So I bet you all are wondering if Justin Timberlake has any allergies?? As a matter of fact he DOES! He is allergic to grass! He had one of his most severe allergy attacks during his appearance in the U.S. Open in Torrey Pines, CA. He almost had to drop out because in between every single shot he was sneezing his head off. Justin is an avid Golfer if you didn't know as well.

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  1. Thanks for the info about JT's allergies! I've always wanted to know that!